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Andy Barnham

Norwich UK

In 2007 when we extended our house, we installed a rainwater storage system with a 4000-liter storage tank. The water was used to feed the washing machine and for toilet flushing, to try to reduce our water usage & water bill. 
In 2018 when we were finishing the final room in the house, the last couple of years had been quite dry, where our tank was being topped up from the mains at least once a month in the driest periods. We decided to research methods to treat & re-use our greywater. Most systems involved either large treatment plants or more excavation and the use of chemicals for treatment. Hydraloop was the only system on offer that was designed for domestic interior fitment & was compact enough to fit in our downstairs toilet. The lack of chemicals in the treatment process & minimal maintenance was also a bonus.
We chose the Hydraloop Xtra as it had added features. It treats beside shower/bathing water the majority of the water from the washing machine & is able to send any excess recycled water to garden storage. In our case, this feeds into our rainwater tank. This is then used as the back-up, when all the recycled water in the Hydraloop is used, instead of using mains water.
Our Hydraloop was installed in November 2018 & became fully operational in December and is working well. We have had a few teething problems with the system, mostly down to the fact we chose to self-install a system so new that no one in the UK had even heard of it, let alone fitted one! The backup we have received from Arthur & his Hydraloop team has been second to none, they are no more than an email away & have been able to monitor on-line, any concerns we have had at their end due to the connectivity of the machine. 
I like the fact that the machine looks good in place & I can tell at a glance what mode it is in. The mobile app also gives me that option remotely & shows me, or family members, how much water we have available & have recycled over the week or the month. I think the Hydraloop is a great innovative product, seemingly the only one aimed at the domestic market, and a great investment for the future.


Petra Verboom, Bed & Breakfast DeBoomInn

Baambrugge, Netherlands

"The Hydraloop has been in use for several months now and to my complete satisfaction. The installation was well taken care of by Arthur and a colleague. In the beginning, I had to get used to the sounds of the device (bubbling water when it is in motion) but now not a nuisance but familiar. 
Personally, I find it an added value for my home and bed & breakfast to have the Hydraloop in use. In daily use, you don't notice any difference between the Hydraloop or normal tap water and its supply. The App allows me to keep track of how much water I save on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Visitors also like it when I show and explain about it and find it fitting with the eco/saving principle.
The Hydraloop I use is suitable for also collecting and reusing my washing machine water. I don't notice any difference in the final washing result (stains/smells) compared to before with the same washing machine where I used to only wash with mains water. 
I also think the size of the Hydraloop is proportional; it is like a large refrigerator and therefore, in my opinion, can be used in every household. The only thing is that the pipe network in the house has to be adapted for a secondary/greywater system. For me, this was easy to do because I did a big renovation of my house/bed & breakfast. 
I hope in the future that in new buildings a grey-water distribution network will already be prepared so that for more people it will be easy to install the Hydraloop system. A big bonus for me is user-friendliness.
As far as I'm concerned, I can highly recommend buying a Hydraloop if you want to be a conscious water consumer."


Jan Willem Schoonen

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

"Since the end of 2018, we have the Hydraloop system installed in our house. Friends who come to visit find it a nicely styled device. The cooperation with the Hydraloop company is pleasant and the people are knowledgeable. On average we save about 4.500 liters of water per month. Occasionally the machine is switched on, and then the system starts bubbling and pumping, but that only takes a few minutes. The system is quiet in our experience. We sleep close by, but it doesn't bother us. Because we were going to live in a new house, we had no real idea of our expected water consumption. How nice that the Hydraloop could detect a leaking toilet! The float valve of the toilet had been inspected twice and replaced the time after that. But still, the Hydraloop continued to indicate, there is a leak! I could hardly believe that after all these interventions the float could still be the problem. I went to see for myself, and indeed the float valve was not properly adjusted at all! After the correct setting, the Hydraloop indicated after 10 minutes that the leak was gone. If we hadn’t known this, we might have wasted 10.000 liters of water or more per year, because at that moment in time, the entire Hydraloop water was used by this leaking float valve and thus at least 100 liters/day. My wife and I live together with our 3 small children and reuse an average of 100 liters per day for the toilets and washing machine. The water looks clear to us and has no smell. The app allows you to keep an excellent eye on how many liters have been saved, which is a little bit addictive. I regularly check what we have saved, and hope that the Hydraloop app will have even more features so that you can use the system even better or can view/store more usage information. That way you could, for example, link it to a home automation system. The app works perfectly for us on both the iPhone and Android. Just read the manual before pairing. Then the Hydraloop does what it has to do, no hassle. 

 Do you want to save a lot of water, do you want to make the world around you a bit better, or do you just want to reduce your ecological footprint? Get yourself a Hydraloop!"


Graham Radford

Cape Town,

South Africa

"We had the first Hydraloop in South Africa installed, late in 2018, during the worst drought here in Cape Town in more than 100 years – in fact, we were a few months away from what was termed ‘day zero’ – the day that the taps would run dry. Before the installation, we would take our 2-minute shower standing in a ‘baby bath’ to catch the water which was then used to flush the toilets, which we only did when absolutely necessary. It’s such a relief not having to live like that anymore. We now have the comfort of knowing that the shower and bath water is being recycled and treated to flush the toilets and fill the washing machine. It’s painless as there’s no input from us other than checking the app to make sure there is sufficient recycled water now and again. In fact, there’s no maintenance needed by us at all.


After what we’ve been through we can highly recommend the system. In our opinion, a Hydraloop (or if there are any, a similar system) should be a prerequisite for any new build in our country and all other countries around the world that are susceptible to a lack of this precious resource. Be water-wise!!"


Aty Steenstra & Luuk Jeeninga

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

"In 2017 we bought our new energy-producing house with the idea to live here together with our two sons from 2018 onwards. Without gas and ready for the future! In combination with the purchase of this energy-efficient house, we were also offered a Hydraloop system, with which we were able to clean the used shower water and use it again for flushing the toilets and also for the washing machine. It is very important for us to use drinking water sparingly and consciously. The fact that we were one of the first users of the Hydraloop in April 2018 did not discourage us. The Hydraloop works without problems and ensures that we can use recycled water every day. We are proud users of the Hydraloop."